1. How and when can I book my hotel with montigo-hotels.com

    You can book your hotels on our Internet portal www.montiGo-hotels.com 24 hours a day . Of course, you can also contact our Service team +49 40 8221 7460 daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm from monday - sunday. Our customer service is available in the following languages​​: German, English.
  2. Can I book for another person? And how can I book.

    Of course, you can also book for another person . You must complete all required fields provided on the booking form first with your name, address etc as you will receive the invoice. For the guest / travellers who will stay at the hotel, you need to fill their names under “Information on the traveller".
  3. Is it possible to reach montiGo hotels by phone from abroad ?

    Of course, you have the opportunity to reach our hotline from abroad by dialing +49 40 8221 7460 . Our colleagues assist you gladly.
  4. Can I book with montiGo-hotels , even if I do not live in Germany ?

    Of course you can book your hotel with us even if you live abroad,. In some cases payment with credit card for some countries are blocked because of security reasons and your country may be affected. In this case you can pay via bank transfer.
  5. When and how will I know that my hotel reservation is confirmed?

    When you confirm the booking at the end and the payment has been made successfully, you will receive following confirmations.

    1) an online feedback directly on the screen after your booking ( including your travel and customer data)

    2) a legally binding confirmation of your travel contract within 20 minutes as an e-mail, in this email you will find your binding travel contract as a PDF and all the important information about your booking and invoice details . Your hotel voucher will be sent to you after receiving your payment. If you did not get your invoice or voucher within 24 hours please contact our Service Team.
    Please also note :

    Your booking is legally binding only after receiving written confirmation or invoice from the montiGo - hotels.com or hoteltwister.com Service Team. Until that time all changes can be made by in the final the tour operator .
  6. Do I need to reconfirm my hotel booking at the hotel?

    No, the hotel receives your booking from us or our partners and it is not necessary to confirm with the hotel directly.
  7. Are the rates on montiGo-hotels.com per person or per room?

    The prices on our website are always per room for the desired time and the requested number of people.
  8. I saw a different price on montigo-hotels.com a few minutes ago, why can I not get the price?

    We ask the prices for you via a live XML interface with several hotel consolidators. Therefore, it can happen that the special price you first found is no longer available with a consolidator. But we always request the best prices from all our partners, so that you always get the best deal wiht us.
  9. Why should I enter my telephone number for a booking through montigo-hotels.com ?

    It may happen that booking some changes are communicated to us by the hotel owner. In order to inform you about it as soon as possible, we need your phone number to reach you during the day. Of course you can also provide us a second phone number, for example a mobil phone . If we get changes far before your travel date, we will of course inform you by e-mail.
  10. We are travelling with children, are extra beds or cots available ?

    Please enter the number of children and their ages in the search engine. It will give you all options in symbols displayed on our website. Please click on the options that suits your assignment best e.g symbol 2 adults and 1 child for 1 extra bed/ cot request
  11. We are traveling with children , is the breakfast for the child included in the price ?

    If you entered your child and your child's age in our hotel search, then breakfast is usually included in the price. Otherwise there will be a note in the booking.
  12. I lost my voucher. Where can I find the hotel voucher / voucher?

    You can always download your voucher on our website. Click on the "Voucher" button and enter your e-mail address and the booking code
  13. Where can I find the cancellation policy and how do I cancel?

    Details on the cancellation policy can be found in "terms and conditions" on our website. Please send you cancellation in written form. Please note that processing your request may take up to 48 hours .
    - Email: booking@montigo-travel.com

    We strongly advise you to take a travel insurance in your own interest.
  14. Can I change my booking?

    Changes are only possible only after cancellation of your booking and making a new one. Please send us your change requests in writing only. Please note that processing your request may take up to 48 hours.

    - Email: booking@montigo-travel.com
  15. How can I pay ?

    We can offer you payment Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you exceed a certain payment amount, you can also pay by bank transfer or invoice.
  16. How do you secure my data when using online payment at montiGo-hotels.com ?

    We understand that online payment means sending sensitive data. For your security, we use the data protection program SSL to ensure a completely secure data transmission. Your bank details will be transmitted only encrypted via Paytool - a secure payment system designed and managed by Acceptance a brand of Lufthansa AirPlus
  17. How does montigo-hotels handle my data?

    We take privacy and security of your data very seriously. Your personal information will not be shared to any third party at any time apart from montigo travel GmbH, unless there are reservations need to be paid directly with the hotel. In this case montiGo-hotels.com will forward your payment details to the hotel in a secure way.